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The block has been a design element in a number of my recent tapestries and paper weavings.  In the tapestry the Forest of Blocks, isolated blocks of trees and clouds lay on a barren landscape.  The corridors and trails animals travel are bisected by highways and populated areas.  People play with the elements of the environment scattering them across the landscape like little children playing with blocks.

I’ve used these block shapes in 2 and 3 dimensional paper weavings.  In Divided Landscape, the sculpture  I have used plaster blocks as a basis for paper weavings creating a series of stackable blocks on a base.

The 3 dimensional design was carried over into a commissioned piece by the New Hampshire Council on the Arts for the Governor’s Award in the paper weaving Soaring above the Fragile Forest.  I have used these blocks in the tapestry Divided Landscape. Included are images of the work progress, being cut off and completed. Also in a collaboration with larger scale block imagery for a mini golf course.

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Forest Table
Forest of Blocks Detail of Forest of Blocks   Constructed Block
  Divided Landscape Blocks   Soaring Above the Fragmented Forest   Detail of Soaring Above the Fractured Forest
  Painting of the Divied Landscape Weaving Divided Landscape Divided Landscape on the Loom
    Cutting Divided Landscape Unwinding Divided Landscape Divided Landscape