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Truck and heavy equipment imagery are elements I have used frequently in my work as icons. The bright colors in this series take the images out of the everyday setting but the heavy equipment contains the incredible power to rip through and destroy the landscape.

In my tapestry Toy Truck in the Landscape an old toy truck on the walk way is ambiguous until the actual scale is realized. In the Shadow, toy trucks are left in a pile under the rear bumper of a pickup truck. The toys appear as if in training for the bigger jobs later.

Waiting at the Ready, trucks are lined up neatly in a tidy row waiting for the next day. The repeat patterns created by these trucks all in a row are very different patterns than the vines and flowers found in the work of William Morris of the Arts and Crafts movement.

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Construction Table
 Lined up and Ready In the Shadows   Toy Truck in the Landscape
  Waiting at the Ready I   Waiting in the Ready II   Road Construction in Detail
Toy Truck in the Landscape Detail Of Toy Truck in the Landscape Detail of Toy Truck in the Landscape
Lined Up and Ready Construction Site Detail of Toy Truck in the Landscape