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New Works

The New Works contains a selection of some of my most recent pieces of tapestries and multimedia with gouache pieces.

A number of these continue looking at environmental issues. Ghost Trees is a multi media piece of the forest disappearing into the background with a line of trucks moving across the image. Capturing the Clouds and the detail From My Window looks at the clouds captured in the puddles of paved areas. Clearing depicts the land be cleared and trees hauled away.

Global warming is still being argued as a hoax regardless of all the scientific proof substantiating this. In my tapestry Not a Hoax a mountain lion is wandering the desolate landscape with a stream bed drying up in the background. On crest of the hill side bulldozers are lined up and ready to clear additional land.

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Construction Table
 Ghost Trees Orange Spotted Plane   Orange Spotted Plane
  Capturing Clouds   From the Window   Clearing
Not a Hoax Not a Hoax Detail Fish Train
Skin of the Eath To Extinction Extinction